Mission beach is a popular backpackers destination due to its beautiful beaches, skydiving, and rafting adventures. I decided to do something different and go hiking in the gorgeous Dunk Island instead.

Only a 30 minute boat ride away, Dunk Island was an isolated paradise! Located on the island, Mount Kootaloo, the highest point on the island (271m), was my first ever hiking experience in Australia. It was a lot hotter than I expected but the gorgeous panoramic views at the top made it all worth while. The aqua blue waters right next to all the different shades of green were a magical sight to see. And the birds chirping at the top all made it an unreal experience.

After the hike, I was ecstatic to find myself alone on long stretches of deserted beaches.  It was my heaven: walking on soft white sand with the ocean on one side of me and lush rainforest on the other. The beautiful palm trees leaning onto the beach provided the perfect frame for a classic tropical holiday photo. Before visiting Australia, this is exactly how I pictured this beautiful country to look like. I love moments like this, where a dream becomes reality and it’s so much better than you could have ever imagined. I’m curious, what are some of your favourite traveling moments?


  • Pack lots of sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Take a packed lunch and a water bottle. There’s a small cafe on the island but it’s not always open, it wasn’t when I visited. You can refill your water bottle in the public bathrooms on the island.
  • Take your running shoes for the hike and flip flops for the beach. The sand gets too hot to walk on barefoot.
  • Have your camera handy for the water taxi ride – we spotted dolphins on our way to the island!
  • Once you reach Mount Kootaloo, you have the option of taking the same route down (approx. 5.6km) or continuing onto the Island Circuit Track (approx. 9.2km). The circuit track takes about 3.5-4 hours and is a challenging walk through the rainforest which will take to through all the beaches on the island. Make sure you allow time for the hikes as well as the beaches! Trust me, you’ll want to relax on the secluded beach and go for a refreshing swim after the long hike.
  • There are lots of huntsman spiders on the island, specially on the trails. Don’t let this put you off though as they are harmless. If you’re scared of walking into one, wave a stick in front of you as you are hiking.
  • I also saw 2 snakes and LOTS of geckos on the trails. Geckos are super cute but the snakes can be poisonous, but they won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt them 🙂
  • And last but not least, indulge yourself in the hundreds of mangos that you’ll come across on the trails!



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