Aside from seeing my family and friends after 2 years of being away, there was another thing I was very much looking forward to: going through my memory box! (After that it was stuffing my face with sushi and pho 😉 )

You see, I’ve been collecting little bits and pieces of some of my most memorable days in shoeboxes for as long as I can remember. These boxes are filled with countless movie tickets, photos, random notes, birthday cards, boarding passes, old passports, etc… To anyone else, it’s probably a pile of garbage. But for me, each piece brings a beautiful moment, day, or an entire chapter of my life that I keep a little part of with me.

So you can imagine my excitement when I got home – I hadn’t gone through these memories in over 2 years! I decided to make a day out of it and go through all 8 shoeboxes at once. Going through these memories I noticed 2 things..

  1. I was a hoarder back then! Who keeps chocolate kisses from Valentine’s Day 2007?! (Of which only wrappers were left since termites got the best of them)
  2. I need to find a more suitable way in keeping my memories with me. Because even after I threw out all movie tickets, some city maps, birthday cards signed with “Love, whoever”, and what was left of my valentines candy, I was still left with 3 big boxes of things I couldn’t part with! Most of which were photos and cute notes that I didn’t have the heart to throw out.

So it got me thinking, since everything is online or in the ‘cloud’ nowadays, why not have an online memory box!? Sharing photos and highlights on here can save me tons of room while traveling (and in my closet, for when I get home) + I can stay up to date with friends and family anywhere in the world!

Funnily enough, this was when I was looking for a name for my blog. It’s funny how things come together sometimes, like it was meant for me to do this! Cheesy? Maybe, but it really feels like it. Any-who, that’s how Memory Box was born! I’m curious, does anybody else keep a memory box?

Also, for the sake of your entertainment here are some of the best pieces in my memory box:

Let’s start with this one, going waaaay back to the good old childhood days. I may not remember the exact moments when these pictures were taken but I love the stories behind them. For example the one at the very bottom is from the time when my mom and I would play dress up and she’d get me to pose for photos. Or the one where I’m eating my plate because there’s no more food left… Pretty self explanatory I guess why they took that one. Not a whole lot has changed since.
Life in Iran in the 90’s. Starting from top left, going clockwise: 1. My sister (Parisa) and I in Kish Island which was our favourite get-away because we got to take the plane! 2. My uncle “tying” Parisa and I together 3. My first ever passport picture (which was shared between the entire family! I wonder if you can still do that) 4. Grade 3 in our school uniforms. I was SO excited when I found out I can wear whatever I want to school when we move to Canada.
Move to Canada (2000’s). I was obsessed with Harry Potter. Moved schools twice because I was bullied cause I didn’t speak English. And changed my BFFL (Best Friend For Life) every month after I learned English. Taking photos in a Photo Booth was clearly a BFFL thing back then 😉 Also, if Baby Phat and the original charm bracelet don’t bring back the 2000’s I don’t know what does.
SLR and Lightroom photography. One of my favourite classes in high school.
The mask was a souvenir from Italy! I’ve had it for over 7 years now and still hoping one day I’ll get invited to a masquerade just so I can wear it.
Grad 2010!
Move to Nottingham in 2012 – I loved getting hand-written letters in the mail from my family!
Memories of Nottingham put together by a cute friend of mine who made me an entire album when she came to visit me in Vancouver.
Wristbands from some of the events and festivals we went to! Some people in England keep these on forever. One of my friends wore a wristband for over 5 years! I couldn’t stand having a wet wristband on my arm after every shower but knew exactly the place for them 🙂
More Photo Booth fun!
One of my favourite weekends! Lucy and Lara’s Alice in Wonderland themed 21st Birthday party. We were each given a card at the beginning and had to complete the task by the end of the night. Mine was a hard one because no guy could fit in my clothes – we compromised by me wearing their shirt and them grabbing a glove from me.
The sisterhood of the traveling lighter. This well-travelled lighter has seen all of the UK and Canada. It was a friend’s and I made a joke that I liked it so much I’d steal it. We started stealing it from each other and hiding it but the rule was we had to take it out daily and if we put it down and the other took it, it was theirs. This game went on for more than 2 years and over 2 continents!
What I like about keeping old tickets is that the time and date is already on there. I always make notes of who I was with and write down anything funny/interesting that happened.
This is from Christmas 2015. Two of my girlfriends and I had just moved in together in what we called our first ever “young professionals” home haha 😉 When we finally decided to take the tree down (in February), we each took one of these to remember that year/Christmas by.
One of the dearest pieces in my memory box. A note from the last time I saw my grandpa, written in his beautiful hand-writing in Farsi. He passed away after that and I never got to say goodbye to him. At the bottom of the note, he wrote “cut the string of love in a way that you’re able to tie it up again in case you regret it one day.” Words to live by, don’t you agree?

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